Below are the rules of BLAST PIT. These rules may change from time to time. You agree to follow these rules. These rules govern various aspects of your use of BLAST PIT’s facilities, equipment, and services, as well as your behaviour on BLAST PIT’s premises. You also agree to adhere to the directions provided by BLAST PIT’s employees, contractors, agents, and other representatives, including its therapists, trainers, coaches, and teachers. You understand that compliance with these rules is essential for the safety and enjoyment of all members.

1. General Conduct and Safety
Respect Fellow Members: You will treat fellow members with respect and courtesy, refraining from any aggressive or disrespectful behaviour.

Respect Neighbours: You will be mindful of our neighbours when entering and leaving the premises, keeping noise levels to a minimum.

Workout Towel Requirement: You will bring a towel and use it during my workout sessions to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.

Bag Storage: You will leave bags in designated cubicles and not bring them onto the gym floor.

No Eating: Eating is not permitted in the gym area.

Footwear: You will wear appropriate footwear while using the facilities, ensuring that you do not wear open-toed shoes.

Equipment Use: You will responsibly use gym equipment and promptly return it to its designated place after use.

Opening hours: You will not enter the premises before opening hours or after closing time.

2. Sauna and Ice Bath Rules
Supervised Use: You will only use the sauna and ice bath under supervision by a BLAST PIT employee, contractor, agent or other representative (such as a therapist, trainer, coach or teacher).

Attire: You will wear swimwear or suitable clothing when using the sauna and ice bath. You will not enter or leave the gym in swimwear.

Sauna and Ice bath Towel Requirement: You will bring your towel for use in the sauna and ice bath area.

No Wet Clothes: You will not walk into the gym area in swimwear or wet clothing.

Shower Usage: You will limit your time in the shower area to a sensible time and ensure that it is clean after use.

You acknowledge that failure to comply with these rules may result in termination of your membership or non-entry into BLAST PIT’s premises.

3. Property Responsibility
You acknowledge that BLAST PIT is not responsible for any of your property brought onto its premises or used in connection with BLAST PIT facilities, equipment, or services. This includes any damage, theft, or loss of personal belongings.

4. Permission for Photography and Likeness
You grant BLAST PIT permission to use your likeness, including photographs or videos taken during your presence at BLAST PIT or my participation in activities associated with BLAST PIT, for promotional or marketing purposes.This includes use on BLAST PIT’s Online Platforms. You understand that you will not receive compensation or prior notice for the use of your likeness.

5. Age Requirements
Age Limit: You must be over 18 years old to use BLAST PIT’s facilities.

Parent/Guardian consent: Any person under 18 can only undertake an activity or service offered by BLAST PIT, or enter BLAST PIT’s premises, with the approval of an authorised representative of BLAST PIT and provided that they are constantly supervised by an adult. They must also agree to all of BLAST PIT’s term and conditions through their parent or guardian.

6. Pricing Policy
You acknowledge that BLAST PIT has the right to change the prices of its memberships and services with two weeks’ notice. BLAST PIT will provide notice of any price changes through email, written communication to you, updates on its website or other Online Platforms. You understand that it is your responsibility to stay informed about any pricing adjustments and that you will be responsible for paying the updated prices for memberships and services as communicated by BLAST PIT.

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